Firstly. THANK YOU Rachel for having the strength and courage to write her story and the truth behind the false allegations of child abuse.

When I started reading your book Fractured Hope, immediately from the first chapter, I got chills. I think because I can relate to her story.

Here are some things I’ll never forget that I highlighted in just the first two chapters.
1. I have a seizure
2. Lucas, who was now 7 weeks old
3. Babies cried a lot
4. Giving you skin to skin
5. He was super agitated and wouldn’t pick up
6. and once again he rejected
7. He doesn’t eat
8. His eyes were rolling back in this head
9. We immediately went to the emergency room
10. Your child has a skull fracture and an intracerebral hemorrhage

These words are so powerful and have a different meaning for those who have or are experiencing false allegations of abuse.

I will continue to share your book and story so you can help other falsely accused families.

Once again, thanks for sharing your story. Thank you for fighting for justice. God is good!